Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Influence of FOUNTAINHEAD by Ayn Rand


This is my first blog and my apologies readers for any mistake. I was going through a network on connecting people. I came across few Individuals’ profiles out of curiosity to study them, their habits, their likings, life styles etc. I want to introduce a girl by name Sonia whom I came across on the same network. She is charming, sexy and a beautiful girl. She had her schooling in local language. She studied hard and went ahead with her Engineering in English Medium. She did wonders in her studies and joined a transnational company.

Here, she met handsome, dashing & a sexy guy, who was almost 6 years old to her. They had become best of buddies and this guy fell in love with her. Sonia wasn’t aware of this. One fine day, she informed him about her engagement being finalized by her parents. Rakesh is more of a simple person with strong background on Indian culture, though working in US. Both of them are working for the same company but for different clients. By luck, they made love.

Soon, Sonia moved Australia and Rakesh moved US. Sonia is more of a materialistic person and enjoyed her loneliness, her friends visiting often, sight seeing, sky diving, mountaineering….she was on the top of everything, enjoying each and every pulses and there Rakesh felt that the life was pathetic to him. He was missing her every minute and any sight seeing he went with his friends. He was feeling loneliness within inside.

Before they drifted away, Sonia was supposed to meet Rakesh’s mother to bid her farewell and convey message that she wanted a year’s time to be Rakesh’s life partner. She wasn’t able to…and Rakesh had convinced his mother about it.

Day’s passed and Sonia hardly remembered Rakesh. A year’s time got over and finally, Rakesh’s mother pestered him as she had the same from social network. He tried to contact her and mailed her. Sonia did not reply to his mails and was not in touch with him. Things were getting worse as Rakesh was not aware of what’s going on. Sonia was no more working as she had settled down alone (leaving all her people) in out-skirts of one of a small hill-station to follow her dreams – Photography, Trekking, Reading and dreaming that one day a man would come to him like FOUNTAINHEAD by Ayn Rand.

There is another girl who is in Love with Rakesh about which he is much aware of it. But Rakesh had gone through the good and bad times….No one knows the end as it is still an on-going story. Let me see for some days and I would update it later. In the meantime, let me write-down my entire transition experience.